Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Summer [So Far]

This is my first summer living anywhere but New England...and as much as I love New England summers, I am relishing in everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer this time of year. The humidity is basically nonexistent; the cool, delightful breezes are abundant; I'm pretty sure mosquitoes don't exist here??; and all that rain we dealt with in the winter? It basically disappears June through October. I've been chasing the sun all summer long so far, and I will continue to do so until those rain clouds rear their ugly (yet necessary) heads again in October.

Here's just a taste of how we've been enjoying our first (and final...more on that later) Oregon summer!

Oneonta Gorge, Oregon | A Hoppy Medium

Dalton Point, Oregon | A Hoppy Medium

A hike in and around Oneonta Gorge was borderline perfection. The Gorge area is a short drive from Portland (about 45 minutes, give or take), so our sleeping in didn't affect our hiking goals. After the hike, we pulled off at Dalton Point for much-needed beers and sandwiches by the water. 

Bay Ocean Spit, Oregon | A Hoppy Medium

The Oregon Coast is my happy place, but Bay Ocean Spit might just be the happiest. This hidden gem takes about 10 minutes to walk to once you're parked, but the quiet beach and incredible views are worth every single step.

Cascade Brewing, Portland, OR | A Hoppy Medium

We've been beyond fortunate to have so many great friends from the East Coast come visit us. Most recently, our friends Steve and Kristen - fellow beer nerds - were in town, and we had a fun afternoon on the patio at Cascade Brewing

Angel's Rest, Oregon | A Hoppy Medium

This past Saturday, we joined friends for yet another hike in the Gorge - this time, Angel's Rest. Although this hike was a bit steeper, it's also a lot shorter than the previously mentioned adventure (it's a little over two miles to the summit).

Summer beers | A Hoppy Medium

And what's a Sunday Funday without enjoying beers on your friends' roof deck? Beers, friends, a great view of the Willamette River - it doesn't get much better than that.

I <3 summer.


  1. you're doing summer in the Pacific Northwest right!! love the looks of that platter of sours at Cascade

  2. Looks SO gorgeous! My Timehop actually tells me that I was in the Willamette Valley 8 years ago today. . . way too long ago!