Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Current Obsessions III

Since I haven't written one of these posts since April...I think it's high time I share with you what I'm currently obsessed with!


Pickled Red Grapes | A Hoppy Medium

Pickling always intimidated me - until I tried "quick-pickling" earlier this year. Now, I'm obsessed. So far, I've pickled carrots, jalapenos, asparagus, radishes, grapes, and just recently pickled red cabbage - which I've been putting on wraps, veggie burgers, tacos, salads, falafel bowls...you name it. Quick-pickling is super easy, doesn't require many ingredients (depending on how many things you're pickling, of course), and the results are so darn tasty.

My New Hat

All summer [so far], I have been telling Z I want one of those fancy hats for the beach/life in general. Mainly to keep the sun from burning my face off, but also because I just think they look cool. Well, last week - for our third wedding anniversary - Z surprised me with the hat above. And I'm in love. I wore it all over Seattle this past weekend (more on that later). (And I call this my "vacation hair." Don't judge).

"The Night Of"

WHO IS WATCHING THIS? This show is amazing. It's a limited series on HBO, and it has Z and I glued to the TV every Sunday night. There are only two episodes left, and so many twists are taking place. Plus, the acting is fantastic. Seriously, who out there is watching it too and wants to talk about it for 5 hours?

Bagels & Lox

Bagel & Lox, Spielman Bagels, Portland, OR | A Hoppy Medium
Bagel & Lox from Spielman Bagels in NW Portland.

I've always loved a good bagel, but it wasn't until recently that I discovered the magic that bagels with lox holds. I only occasionally eat fish, and really only when I know it's local and/or super fresh, so lox has always scared me a little bit. However, once I gave it a chance, I was hooked. Slightly smokey lox, a crusty bagel, creamy cheese, sharp red onion, salty capers?? I'm sold.


Anyone who's known me for longer than 2 years knows that "running" has never been in my vocabulary. However, after turning 30 two years ago - and having this whole beer hobby thing - I realized my once bean pole figure is long gone. Running has definitely helped in that department, but running also clears my head, and - with a good playlist - is actually way more fun than I ever thought it would be.

What are you currently obsessed with?


  1. good for you getting into running. I had the same epiphany about it after i turned 30! and aren't lox and bagels just the best?!

    1. YES they are! And the more running we do, the more bagels and lox we can eat - win-win!