Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Bye and Bye | NE Portland

You know those restaurants where, before even taking your last bite, you vow to visit again soon? Yeah...that happened to us at Bye and Bye.

Bye and Bye, NE Portland | A Hoppy Medium

Located right up the street from one of our favorite Portland breweries, Bye and Bye features all-vegetarian eats in a casual yet oh-so-Portland setting. You order at the counter and take your order number to the table of your choice, which, for us on this sunny day, was at one of their outdoor, dog-friendly picnic tables.

Ice cold pints of Engelberg Pilsner - from Portland's own Upright Brewing - started the meal off right.

Engelberg Pilsner, Upright Brewing | A Hoppy Medium

For our meals, I went for the Weeping Tiger Sandwich ($9), made with tofu cutlets, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, jalapeƱo, and Sriracha and miso mayo on Grand Central bread.

Bye and Bye Weeping Tiger Sandwich, NE Portland | A Hoppy Medium

Z went for the BBQ Brussel Bowl ($9), made with BBQ tofu, Brussels sprouts, and brown rice - and he opted to add fresh avocado for a well-worth-it extra dollar.

Bye and Bye BBQ Brussel Bowl, NE Portland | A Hoppy Medium

Um...the only way to say this is that every bite - of both of our meals - was next to perfect. My tofu was seasoned and cooked perfectly, and everything down to the chips and salsa on the side was spot-on and delicious. Z also raved about his BBQ bowl for the remainder of the night, enamored with the well-seasoned rice (which he's typically not a fan of) and the ideally cooked and sauced tofu.

After our delectable meals, we took the quick walk over to Great Notion for a few more brews before Game of Thrones. Perfect Sunday indeed.

My only gripe? I haven't visited here sooner!

Where was the last almost-perfect meal you had?

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  1. Taht BBQ brussels bowl looks amaaaaaazing! Totally craving something like that for lunch now.

    1. It was SO good. I regretted not getting it as soon as I tried a bite!