Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Current Obsessions II

We are on day two of 85+ degrees and sunshine here in Portland. After a "winter" of straight rain, all of this heat and sun has me excited for allofthethings. Which means it's only fitting to do another round of My Current Obsessions!

Happy Hour

Happy Hour in Portland, OR | A Hoppy Medium

We don't have this magnificent creation back home in Massachusetts (at least, there are no deals on alcohol back there). Here in Portland, however, happy hour is just about everywhere, and let me tell you - it's a dangerous thing now that the sun and warm weather are consistently here. There really is nothing better than ending a work day in the sunshine, on a patio, drinking a $2.50 beer. (Sorry, waistline).

Stitch Fix
Ok, Stitch Fix has always been an obsession of mine since i discovered it about a year or so ago. I've never been one to like shopping for myself when it comes to clothes, so I love how Stitch Fix does all of the work for me. Stitch Fix also sends me clothes I'd never think to try on in the store, and I typically love three or four out of the five things they send me every few months! It really is a great service. (Not familiar with Stitch Fix? Check out what it's all about here).


Brunch at Meriwether's Restaurant, Portland, OR | A Hoppy Medium

This is nothing new for those who know me, but ever since moving to Portland, I've become even more obsessed with this leisurely weekend meal. We've had some great brunches in Portland so far, but we love making it at home sometimes, too. There's just something about waking up later than usual, being able to drink before noon, and diving into a plate of eggs/home fries/toast/etc. before enjoying a work-free day that I just love.

Sunday Night TV

Source: http://kotaku.com/

I am forever grateful that the majority of my favorite shows air on Sunday evening. When Sunday night comes around, all I want to do is curl up on the couch, pop open a delicious beer, and do nothing but watch TV. And this time of year, our Sunday night line-up is hoppin'. House of Lies just started last week, and Game of Thrones as well as Silicon Valley both return this Sunday. Talk about ending the weekend on a high note!

What are you currently obsessed with? 


  1. I just finished GOT season 5 - pumped for the new one!! you hit the nail on the head with brunch, it's just the best!

    1. Yay, glad you're all caught up! I can't wait for Sunday - brunch AND GOT! Haha.