Friday, April 1, 2016

Beer Friday: Morph by Night Shift Brewing

 On most Fridays, I'll share a beer I particularly enjoy, and think you might as well. This series will feature beers from all over the U.S. (and when we're lucky, the world). Cheers! 

Morph by Night Shift Brewing | A Hoppy Medium

Ah, Night Shift. How I miss thee! I remember when these guys first started out - just a few short years ago - and now they're killing it at their large, fun-to-hang-out-at brewery in Everett, Massachusetts. It's so great to see how much they've grown, and how much good beer they're still churning out.

One of my favorites from Night Shift, however, is their Morph IPA. Morph is their rotating IPA series, which means each batch is always a little different - but thankfully not too different from what makes Morph so delicious in the first place.

So, East Coast friends (and those who have East Coast hookups who will send them tasty beer), read on:

What: Morph from Night Shift Brewing in Everett, Mass.

Style: American IPA

 6.2% (current batch)

Tasting Notes: Super crushable! The current recipe features Simcoe, Citra, Topaz,and Mosaic hops, which helps to give this beer a juicier, brighter, borderline citrusy flavor. Notes of orange, peach, and melon are almost always apparent in Morph, which makes this brew the perfect beer to sip on during these sunny, warmer days.

Pairing Suggestion: The hoppy profile of this beer makes it pair well with spicier dishes, such as Mexican or Indian cuisine. But I also love this alongside a bomb-dot-com sandwich - even though Morph packs a flavor punch, it's still subtle enough to pair with a lot of more complex, flavorful foods.

Where Can I Find It?
 Morph cans (and draft pours!) are usually available at Night Shift's brewery in Everett (but I would call ahead to make sure it's available that day), as well as a wide variety of stores in Massachusetts (and New England). Here's a map to see where to buy Night Shift's beers near you. 



  1. this beer sounds amazing. I still need to get over to their brewery!

    1. It's such a fun spot! And they always have a variety of beers on tap. And corn hole!