Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Current Obsessions

I wrote about my "current obsessions" on my old blog many times, so I've decided to bring it back here! I am definitely one to go through phases when it comes to food, drinks, TV shows, books, exercises, etc. etc. etc. So this My Current Obsessions series will highlight all of the random stuff I am loving lately. Feel free to share in the comments what currently has you obsessed, too.

Here goes!

Breakfast Burritos
I have one almost every single weekday morning. I used to be a cereal and toast gal, but once I started making breakfast burritos at home...everything changed. I'm actually satiated until lunchtime, and I love that I can add whatever veggies, hot sauces, etc. to my morning wrap that I want, so it doesn't get boring. My current go-to: One scrambled egg, crumbled Field Roast Apple Maple Breakfast Sausage, a slice of Havarti cheese, avocado, cilantro, and hot sauce. Amazinggg.


Shameless | A Hoppy Medium

I've talked about this show before, but I have been obsessed with "Shameless" since it began (well, I discovered it in their second season, but back-tracked and watched the entire first season eventually). Anyway, this show is FANTASTIC, and is on Sunday nights on Showtime. It's funny, dramatic, heartfelt, emotional, and hectic all at the same time, with some really real messages woven throughout each episode. It's phenomenal, and William H. Macy plays one perfect addict.

Sticky Hands' Tropical Slam

Block 15 Sticky Hands Tropical Slam | A Hoppy Medium

Block 15 - one of my current favorite Oregon breweries - recently canned this variation of their regular Sticky Hands IPA, and I am seriously obsessed. Like...can't-reach-for-any-other-beer-in-the-fridge-right-now-obsessed. This fruit-forward, almost juicy IPA comes in 16-ounce cans, making it that much more crushable. It's seriously delicious.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
Kristen originally tipped me off to this book, and I am so glad I downloaded it (to my first generation Kindle). I've gone through a phase of dud books lately, but this one has finally grasped my attention. I seriously look forward to going to bed every night (even more than usual...) so I can read a few more pages! (Gillian Flynn is also the author of "Gone Girl," among other books).

Portland Coffee

Dragonfly Coffee House, NW Portland | A Hoppy Medium
Dragonfly Coffee House

I've always been a coffee fiend. Heck, when I was a teenager, I drank most of the coffee I brewed at Honey Dew Donuts and lived off Coffee Coolattas on my days off. (Super healthy!) But over the years, I've definitely become a bit of a coffee snob...and no java in Portland has yet to disappoint. Some of my favorite local haunts so far are Dragonfly Coffee House (cold brew year-round, which is apparently not a thing here); Barista; and Water Avenue and Portland Roasting Coffee, both of which I've only had in bean form thus far.

What are you currently obsessed with? 

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