Thursday, March 31, 2016

Vanilla-Cardamom Pudding (with Greek Yogurt & Ricotta)

Why is it that I always have leftover ricotta, no matter how small of a container I buy for that one recipe? I the only one this happens to? Say it happens to you, too...please?

Vanilla-Cardamom Pudding (With Greek Yogurt & Ricotta) | A Hoppy Medium

Anyway, I was yet again left with some extra ricotta, and decided to make something cool and delicious with it. It is FINALLY sunny and 70 degrees here in Portland, after 8,000 months of straight rain (approximately), so I was in the mood for something cold. And with some Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt also in the fridge, I got to working.

Enter: this creamy, perfect-for-spring-time-snacking "pudding" that takes about 5 minutes to make. #micdrop

Vanilla-Cardamom Pudding (with Greek Yogurt & Ricotta)
Yields: About 4 servings
-1 1/2 cups whole milk ricotta
-1/2 cup Chobani Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt
-1 vanilla bean, split with the seeds scraped out
-1/2 teaspoon honey
-Pinch of cardamom
-Pinch of salt

1.) Place all ingredients in a food processor (or blender) and puree until smooth. Chill in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before serving so it's nicely chilled.

*Stores in the frigerator for up to 3 days.

**Have a little orange zest on hand? That would only make this pudding even better! Just add a pinch to the food processor before pulsing.

Vanilla-Cardamom Pudding (With Greek Yogurt & Ricotta) | A Hoppy Medium

In all honesty, I've never been a fan of Greek yogurt all by itself, and the yogurts with fruit mixed in are way too sweet for my liking. However, I do love using Greek yogurt in a variety of dishes and recipes like this one, and I almost always buy Chobani - the texture's delightfully thick and creamy, and Chobani's prices tend to be a bit more affordable than most of the other options on the shelves.

Here are some other ways I love to incorporate Greek yogurt in my cooking:

-Substitute sour cream in (and on) Mexican dishes with Greek yogurt - healthier and still delicious!
-Using yogurt in breads, like this Lemon Yogurt Bread with Cardamom Syrup
-Swapping out mayonnaise in egg salad for Greek yogurt
-Blended in smoothies for extra protein and creaminess

How do you enjoy your Greek yogurt - straight up, with granola, some other way?

*This post was not sponsored by Chobani, but I did agree to create a recipe using one of their products. All opinions are my own.


  1. You're not the only one! I always have odds and ends of ricotta leftover no matter what container I buy or recipe I make.