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Thanks for visiting! My name’s Michelle, and I am a Portland, Oregon-based food writer, blogger, and marketer. In the fall of 2015, my husband, Z, and I moved cross-country from Boston (which we've always called home) to begin a new adventure here in the Pacific Northwest.

I knew food writing (and eventually, blogging) was my passion when I was studying to become a music writer at Quinnipiac University (journalism degree + music minor = a job at Rolling Stone, obviously). But when I realized writing about music actually sounded quite boring, for me, it hit me: what do I love the most in the world, besides writing? FOOD. And thus, a food writer was born.

My writing was first published in 2005, and since then, my work has been featured in The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Eater.com, Thrillist.com, and more. And I've somehow not gained 500 lbs. I'd call that a success.

In addition to eating, I'm a marketer by day (to help pay for that journalism degree). And those days typically end with a nice cold craft beer (or two five). 

This blog is dedicated to all things food and beer, but it's also about my new life here in the Pacific Northwest. So expect some travel and adventures sprinkled into the mix, too. 

Thanks for coming along for the ride!



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